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Green Roofing


Looking for a way to conserve resources while making a solid investment in your home or commercial space? Then consider green roofing!

Patriot Roofing & Construction is always concerned about our ecological footprint on this earth, so we proudly offer ways to make a difference in the environment. We gladly use our expertise to help you do your part as well through our green roofing services.

Green roofs are an eco-friendly way to use vegetation through carefully planned landscaping to cover your roof. The waterproof weathering materials are in place, of course, but the use of vegetation is used in lieu of a traditional finish.

This construction method has been used for thousands of years across the globe. The use of green roofs has other benefits in addition to being a healthy environmental choice, though.

How Can a Green Roof System Benefit You?

Green roofs have become increasingly popular over the last decade as many people turn to them for their aesthetically pleasing and unique features. These roofs also give individuals the opportunity to help make an impact in the environment.

While they definitely give you the opportunity to make a difference ecologically and demonstrate your creative side to stand out from the neighborhood, they also have great financial benefits as well.

A green roof helps to offset much of the impact that weathering has on your base roof, reducing the erosion that would have otherwise normally occurred. This increases the life expectancy of your roof waterproofing and overall costs of repair.

It also improves the thermal properties of your home, keeping cool air in when it is hot and warm air in when it is cold. This greatly reduces your heating and cooling costs. The green roof also absorbs warmth, which is a great benefit in urban areas where the abundance of concrete buildings and streets can make the heat unbearable.

Green roof systems are also used by those who look into preventing problems in the future. The vegetation absorbs moisture, which reduces problems in drainage systems and can be an excellent source of storm water management. Flood risks, which can be dangerous in places like Salt Lake City, Utah, become minimized when much of the precipitation is absorbed by the vegetation in the roof, and all of this works together to increase your property value.

What is a Green Roof Made Of?

The whole system of a green roof is carefully designed to give you the benefits previously listed while at the same time protecting your home the way a conventional roof would. Green roofs come in different varieties, but they are generally distinguished intensive, extensive, and biodiverse – or brown – roofs.

All of the components of each type are similar. They contain a layer of protection fleece, a drainage or reservoir layer, filter fleece, growing medium or crushed aggregate, the vegetation and planting, and some sort of hard landscaping as preferred.

Intensive green roofs are created at the roof level by planting vegetation like shrubs and trees. It is a very detailed undertaking with unlimited potential for design, but the heavier the vegetation, the more depth is required to support the plant and help it continue to grow.

This type of green roof requires regular maintenance for the entire life of the roof, as well as consistent watering and plant care.

An extensive green roof is somewhat different. These types of roofs are usually planted for more aesthetic reasons and use vegetation that is easier to maintain. Designers of extensive green roofs often choose succulents, herbs, grasses, and moss to cover the area. These plants require less upkeep and are therefore more economical. The plants that are chosen will depend on the area of the home as they will need to be able to survive the environment of that particular ecosystem.

The last type of green roof is actually a brown roof – it’s a biodiverse option used to mimic the ecosystem that once existed but was replaced by areas of development. This is often found in big cities to create natural habitats for birds and plants.

Interested in the Benefits a Green Roof Can Give You?

No matter what your needs are, a green roof system can work for you. They can be integrated in your beginning projects or retrofitted to your existing roof. Call us today to see how you can do your part to help the environment and also reap the financial benefits that a green roof provides for years to come.

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